UN women” new organization with no funds”

Can we feel optimistic regarding women rights? I suppose not.

On July 2,The General Assembly created a new agency dedicated to promoting women’s rights and involvement in development, peacemaking, politics and economic activity, it is called the UN Women.

The agency will take over the work of four existing funds or programs, which will disappear, although some of their staffs are likely to be transferred into UN Women. The four to be phased out are the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women; the Division for the Advancement of Women; the UN Development Fund for Women; and the UN International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women.

 The new born organization “UN Women” programs will be funded, according to the General Assembly, by voluntary contributions from states and non govermental organizations, not from the UN’s regular budget, which will cover staffing and the normative functions. This means that UN women will set it’s agenda on the funders’ agendas.

Advocates for women, within and outside the UN system, had long argued that the existing programs for women were grossly underfunded and unable to exert influence in the field. A common criticism of the existing structures for women was that they were not able to be “operational”-that is, run effective programs on their own. That is not to say there were no successes, so what about an organization with voluntary funds?

According to peoples’ experience with UN agencies, and with the obstacles  the new organization will face in funding projects, I feel that women all over the world should not be optimistic and the gender-based racism will still dominate the policies and cultures of the states in west as well as the developing states.

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