The Arab world: from autocracy to theocracy… no room for democracy

presented in Oslo, 18 May 2012 Introduction The early and  moments of what was called “Arab spring”, which was thought to be a wave spreading democracy in the Arab world, turned rapidly to a gloomy winter for the Arab citizens as the Islamists were preparing to take the rule in these states. For many western […]


Paper presented to “Swedish institute of international affairs (UI)”- Stockholm- July 2011 Introduction Arab revolutions have become international phenomena. There is no question that these uprisings started domestically; however, they are an outcome of a historical moment of intersection between internal pressures and international and regional changes. Nor the US neither the EU can claim […]

Syrian opposition: tools in Sarkozy’s electoral policies

A conference was held in Paris for the Syrian opposition, “SOS Syrie,” on the fourth of July. The call for the conference, issued through “La Règle du Jeu”(Bernard Henry Levy Journal), was joined by “France-Syrie Démocratie” and “Change in Syria for Democracy,” the latter being a group that had emerged from the Syrian opposition conference […]

ICC agreement on crime of agression

On June 12, 2010, the member states of the International Criminal Court (ICC), observer states, international organizations, NGO’s and other participants concluded the Review Conference of the Rome Statute in Kampala, Uganda.  During the two-week conference, 4000 delegates reviewed ICC work in the last eight years and discussed proposed amendments to its founding treaty. The main […]